Do you need a better way to supply your retailers?

The answer is collaboration.

There’s no surprise that on-shelf availability has been a key challenge throughout 2021. With the Omicron variant causing renewed disruption, boats stuck in the Suez canal and Brexit border issues and some crazy shopping behaviour, trying to manage supply chains has been a roller coaster for many involved, and 2022 looks to be no different.

Supply is a corner stone of the supplier-retailer relationship, and everyone can influence this, not just your Demand Planners. Marketing, Sales, Category Managers can all contribute to a better understanding of the current and future market. They often have lots of insight that could be forecasting gold.

If you want to improve collaboration across your teams and with your retailers then SCQuARE can help you. Learn how here. With SCQuARE it’s easy to create cross-functional plans by giving you a framework to work together. SCQuARE can help you to analyse where you are now and tell the story of how you get to where you want to be.

Learn more about our training and tools to help your teams and business collaborate better. 

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