SCQuARE Champions

Get the ability to create a wide spread roll-out of the SCQuARE capability across multiple teams by creating internal iSCQuARE champions and using the online learning platform to facilitate the adoption of the skill.

Bespoke iSCQuARE Champions Training programme to create internal experts to support wider roll-out of the online learning tool which includes video tutorials, case study examples, end of module tests and interactive plan builder that steers you through the SCQuARE methodology.

The champion package includes a 2-year iSCQuARE subscription, 30-60-90 days follow-up and on-going support and access to a suite of digital resources.

Who Is It For?

For organisations who want to spread the skill of SCQuARE far and wide. iSCQuARE has been described as ‘an amazing tool that does all the work for you!’

What You Will Get Out Of It

  • Intensive champion training
  • Strategy into Action introductory session
  • Unique strategic thinking know-how available to be rolled out at pace and scale

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15:1 Delegates to consultant

iSCQuARE online tool

Delivered globally

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