21 incredible jobs in 21 years with SCQuARE 

It is amazing to think I have spent twenty one years with SCQuARE; it has been an exhilarating and stimulating experience where I have learnt so much from all the people I have been lucky enough to work with in sharing the magic of SCQuARE, here below 21 for 21 Strategy-Into-Action headlines ?

1/ China expansion strategy for PepsiCo Drinks and Snacks 

2/ Leadership development taken care of for Cigna Healthcare in USA 

3/ PepsiCo Canada Better Together strategy SCQuARED at Niagara goes global 

4/ Diageo GB drives a whole new RTD category  

5/ Mopping up in Southeast Asia with SCA marketing strategy 

6/ On the top floor in HQ in Atlanta for “Killer Coke” Labour relations strategy

7/ No flies on Global commercial strategy for Rentokil Initial 

8/ First off the lot with Hertz leadership team in Tampa 

9/ Strategy alignment in Black Forest Chateaux with Novartis drug franchise 

10/ Top of the world on Nob Hill, Novartis & Genentech one method, one agreed strategy

11/ European commercial strategy for Bahlsen takes the biscuit 

12/ Asia Leadership Academy speaker for PepsiCo – I would fly 12000 miles for 2 hours

13/ Building the Lloyds Bank commercial team strategies 

14/ Strategy session in Shanghai for Revlon – 6 month’s work in 3 days 

15/ Crafting Korea strategy story for Global Board sign off – should have called you in a year ago 

16/ Ensuring Global HR strategy for insurance giant MetLife in Manhattan

17/ Developing the organisation strategy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow  

18/ Helping Nike China move fast in Shanghai 

19/ Life’s a beach – Seychelles Breweries strategy in the middle of the Indian Ocean in January

20/ Eastern European Beer commercial strategy for global giant – 90 people in a room in Warsaw

21/ A week in an English country manor – the best place to be for Diageo Africa

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