SCQuARE training

SCQuARE is one of the most powerful and useful business skills you will ever learn, demystifying strategic thinking and enabling powerful storytelling.

Our highly participative programmes deliver the knowledge of SCQuARE via the perfect mix of theory and practice backed by an online tool to make the skills permanent . SCQuARE empowers your individual and business success.

Training Available Virtually or In-Person

SCQuARE Strategic thinking & storytelling training

A 2-day programme for your people that transfers the skill of SCQuARE via an interactive case study driven by a blend of theory and practical work that is highly participative and engaging.

The program also includes a 2-year iSCQuARE licence, follow-up coaching session, 30-60-90 follow-up and on-going support and access to a suite of digital resources.

The programme can also be tailored to include customer specific cases.

Who Is It For?

SCQuARE is invaluable for anybody who has the task to create and sell plans either inside their organisation or externally for any function and any industry.

The programme is often described by participants as the best and most useful training of my whole career – a mini MBA.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

  • Unique strategic thinking know-how
  • Ability to ask the right questions, find the right solutions and build effective plans
  • A ‘go-to’ problem solving technique
  • Powerful storytelling for great presentations
  • An online tool that does the thinking for you and outputs the presentation in one click

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Brilliant thinking for the business

  • Change the way your people plan
    and your business runs, for the better
  • Stop your people inventing solutions
    before they have defined the problem
  • Accelerated decision making
    & improved meeting efficiency
  • Switch management time from presentation tinkering to productive thinking
  • Increase the chances of good
    ideas getting to market first

Brilliant thinking for your career

  • Great thinkers and story
    tellers become leaders
  • Strategic thinking is one of the fundamental
    skills to become a senior manager
  • Careers can be made on the
    outcome of a great presentation
  • Problem solving at pace
  • ‘Go-to’ framework for tackling any challenge

15:1 Delegates to consultant

iSCQuARE online tool

Delivered globally

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