SCQuARE on Demand

Guide yourself through SCQuARE at your own pace via our online learning platform and plan building tool that has all the video tutorials, case studies, prompts and on-screen help that you will need to SCQuARE any subject.

iSCQuARE steers you through all the steps of building a great plan, guaranteeing the rigour and precision of your analysis, and in one-click outputs your thinking in a compelling story

SCQuARE has been described as an amazing tool that does all the work for you.

The on-demand purchase includes a 2-year licence to iSCQuARE with video tutorials, prompts and on-screen help, 30-60-90 days follow-up and free upgrades.

Who Is It For?

SCQuARE is invaluable for anybody who has the task to create and sell plans either inside their organisation or externally for any function and any industry.

On-demand is for individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace or organisations that want to spread the skill of SCQuARE far and wide.

What You Will Get Out Of It

  • An online learning tool with digital resources that does the thinking for you and outputs the presentation in one-click
  • Self guided videos and instruction to learn SCQuARE at your own pace
  • Unique strategic thinking know-how
  • Ability to ask the right questions, find the right solutions and build effective plans
  • A ‘go-to’ problem solving technique
  • Powerful storytelling for great presentations

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iSCQuARE online tool

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