SCQuARE Strategy into Action

SCQuARE can help your team build a plan for any subject

Brand plans, sales plans, marketing plans, projects, product launches, reorganisations, corporate strategy and problem solving. The programme harnesses your knowledge and expertise via our methodology to deliver a winning plan in a fraction of the usual time.

SCQuARE unifies the executive’s vision with the management’s knowledge

Training Available Virtually or In-Person

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A bespoke programme for teams that transfers the skill of SCQuARE and then uses it to harness the knowledge of the team to tackle any business challenge at a pace and rigour otherwise unimaginable.

The method and our facilitation enables teams to work together to analyse any problem or opportunity, find the right questions and creative answers and put it all together in a compelling strategy story.

The program also includes a 2-year iSCQuARE licence, follow-up coaching session, 30-60-90 days follow-up and on-going support and access to a suite of digital resources.

Who Is It For?

Any leader that wants to bring their team together to crack a difficult challenge using the magic of SCQuARE to build a fool-proof plan and at the same time ensuring the alignment and ownership of the whole team.

What Is It Used For?

Appropriate for any plan from a major strategic review to the need to turn existing strategies into action, it has been used for;

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Ambiguous challenges that have been lying in the ‘too difficult tray’
  • Marketing and Brand plans
  • CEO On-Boarding first 100 days
  • Sales and Account plans
  • Project Management/Change Management

What you will get out of it

The common language of SCQuARE along with immediate workable plans.

  • Unique strategic thinking know-how across your team
  • Ability to ask the right questions, find the right solutions and build an effective plan to address your challenges
  • A ‘go-to’ problem solving technique and a common language on-going
  • Powerful storytelling for effective decision making
  • An online tool that does the thinking for you and outputs the presentation in one click and makes the skill permanent

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