Super-premium ice cream brand scoops up SCQuARE for Global marketing teams

Haagen Dazs luxury ice cream has been in production since 1960, using only the

purest and finest ingredients in the world so when it comes to marketing this iconic

brand, it’s no surprise that we were working with some smart cookies.


SCQuARE were engaged to sharpen the thinking and storytelling skills of managers across the globe, enabling them to deliver the “so what” and the “now what” from the copious data available. The virtual training embeds the storytelling skills with a permanent interactive online reminder delivered in General Mills formats.

“The iSCQuARE tool is fabulous, it does all the work for you.” – Priscilla Pizano Marketing Director Brazil

“It is one of the best pieces of training I have ever taken and has been really valuable to me for many years.” – Thomas Wells – Insights Director, Asia, HD GBT