Speedo uses SCQuARE and Breaker to develop a breakthrough plan for its Goggles business

Working with the Speedo team, we developed a business plan for the Goggles business, which had previously been underdeveloped, compared to Speedo’s swimwear operation. The team was able to make some challenging strategic choices, and then align behind a set of plans which precisely met the challenges of the market.

A year on and the business is now performing impressively, not least because many of the initiatives first imagined at the SCQuARE-Breaker session have now been implemented.

Having trained the Speedo team in the SCQuARE-Breaker techniques, they are now able to return to the planning process to refresh and re-new their plans, thus ensuring they continue to lead the category.

In the words of Carl Davies, Speedo’s VP for International Business Development:

“It’s not far off a year since Speedo paid a visit to SCQuARE for facilitation, direction, energy and motivation. And we loved it. We’re getting loads of value out of the SCQuARE and Breaker programme, and the increase in my team’s capability is tangible. As you promised, their plans are now bullet-proof, and they are presented in a clear, well-structured manner. In fact, I now have a team who make my life far easier.”