SCQuARE secures collaboration between Pepsi and its bottlers

PepsiCo and its independent bottler franchisees have always shared the same goal namely to win in every outlet in the USA. However as in any close partnership there are often differences of opinion as to the best way in which to deliver these goals. To ensure everyone’s creative energies and passion were best directed, PepsiCo used SCQuARE as the collaborative tool to create the best possible strategies that would have the ownership and commitment of everyone, creating the launch pad to execute them with rigor in the USA retail and foodservice market.

Pepsi bottlers from across the USA together with key PepsiCo beverage executives were involved to deliver a complete all-encompassing plan, in a time frame that now enables all efforts to be directed towards market execution.

Importantly – make that amazingly – after some initial apprehension, bottlers and PepsiCo associates alike were happy to have participated and positively moved by the SCQuARE process Demonstrating a passion for the details, you enabled us to move rapidly through 16 very challenging topics.

Mario Mercurio – Vice President PepsiCo bottlers